Day 1: Self-Awareness

Students will be introduced to the No Regrets program.  Students will participate in an activity to discover their personality style.  As we begin our series this will allow students to be self-aware and also embrace other personality styles as we divulge healthy relationships and habits.

Day 2:  Healthy Relationships

Students will review from 7th grade the 6 categories of the Whole Self – Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Financial.  A discussion on Healthy Relationships and the essentials of friendship will be directed.

Day 3: Sexual Health

Students will review the Reproductive Systems taught in 7th grade as well as the function and proper anatomical names.   Sexually Transmitted Diseases will be discussed through a worksheet, allowing the students to learn the proper names and basic facts of STD’s.  Students will learn how the risk of an STD can affect the male & female reproductive systems.

Day 4:   Goal Setting

Students will get the opportunity to set goals for their whole person health.  Using a tape measure as a representation of their life-span, students will see the many years they get to look forward to and how actions now can affect those future years.  A boundary setting discussion and activity will allow students to understand the importance of healthy boundaries in their lives.

Day 5: Media Influence and Conclusion

Students will fill out a worksheet to learn how media is an influence in their lives and discuss this in the classroom.  An opportunity will be given for students to think how they will apply the No Regrets lessons learned in their everyday lives.  Students will get the ability to evaluate the No Regrets class.