The high-school curriculum is shown for a traditional schedule of 5 days of 45-minute classes.  It can be altered to a block schedule, which would be 3 days of 90-minute class periods.

Day 1:  Self-Awareness

Students are introduced to the No Regrets Sexual Risk Avoidance Class.  Through an activity and discussion students will learn about Whole Person Health (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual & financial) and how each part can be affected by any type of relationship.  A worksheet is provided for students to discover their primary & secondary love languages.  This will help them understand how someone gives and receives love.  The 5 types of Love Language are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service & Physical Touch.

Day 2:  Healthy Relationships

The class will have an open discussion of what a Healthy & Unhealthy relationship looks like, as students explore all the people they are relationship with – parents/siblings/friends…  Students will have the opportunity to identify the purpose of a dating relationship and how to set healthy guidelines and boundaries in those relationships.  As groups, students will plan a practical example of a Good Date vs. a Bad Date.

Day 3:  Std & Pregnancy

The consequence of an STD & unplanned pregnancy will be discussed.  Students will get into groups and research an STD fact sheet with information from the Centers for Disease Control.  Each group will then present what they learned about each STD.  A worksheet is provided with questions to consider about the challenges and effects of receiving a positive pregnancy or STD test as a high school student.

 Day 4:  Healthy Life Choices

The steps of Physical Intimacy will be discussed, with the intent to encourage students to recognize the incremental steps and gain skills to be able to set physical boundaries in their relationships.  Information on consent will be relayed with a creative video that will open discussion on the importance of consent.  Consent is giving permission for something to happen.  Tea & Consent Video

Day 5:  The Meaning of Sex

The students will explore how culture and society portrays sex while comparing that to what sexual activity means to them.  Pornography facts and fictions will be discussed.  Students will be informed on the harmful effects  of pornography.  (No images of pornography will be displayed) Fight the New Drug is a great resource for anyone battling pornography interest or addiction.