The high-school curriculum is shown for a traditional schedule of 4 days of 90-minute classes.  It can be altered to a specific schedule.

Day 1:  Looking inward

Students are introduced to the No Regrets and REAL Essentials program. Norms and expectations are discussed.  Through an activity and discussion students will learn about My whole self (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual & financial) and how each part can be affected by any type of relationship. They will be evaluating the condition of their heart, with a worksheet to rate themselves from 0-10 0 feeling depressed, unloved, I don’t matter, I am scared, I am unacceptable. 10 feeling like I am worthy of love, I am making a difference, I belong, I am happy and confident, I am acceptable and capable. They will have a handout of human needs. A worksheet is provided for students to discover their primary & secondary love languages.  This will help them understand how someone gives and receives love.  The 5 types of Love Language are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service & Physical Touch.

Day 2:  Differences in others

They will do an ice breaker called concentric circles, to get them talking to other students eye to eye and listening carefully. Physical differences will be discussed to differentiate between roles and Biology, combating stereotypes. The students will receive help on discovering their personality styles, with a fun worksheet. The Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver represents personalities that will be discussed.

Day 3:  Making hard choices

The class will start off with an ice breaker called “not I” trying not to say I while describing things they like to do, or the interrupting cow will moo. The students will take an inventory on their romantic or friend relationships, of all the red flags, they learn what to look for in a relationship that is toxic, and learn how to break off that relationship in a respectful way. The distortion of sex from pornography facts and fictions will be discussed. Students will be informed on the harmful effects of pornography.  (No images of pornography will be displayed) Fight the New Drug is a great resource for anyone battling pornography interest or addiction.

 Day 4:  

The class will start with a fun ice breaker, all the ways you can spend time with your date without being physically intimate. They will learn about why studies show STDs are prevalent within their age range, by fact page, with prizes for whoever can answer our questions the fastest. They will know why married people have better and more sex. The steps of Physical Intimacy will be discussed, with the intent to encourage students to recognize the incremental steps and gain skills to be able to set physical boundaries in their relationships.